Citizen L32 Swiss Turning Center


With a legacy as one of the best-selling Cincom machines, this next generation L32 is launched with 3 models in a modular design.

Ranging from a 5-axis machine with excellent cost performance to a high-end machine equipped with a B-axis and back tool post Y-axis, you can select the machine according to the functions you require. A wide range of modular tooling ensures that the L32 is both versatile and flexible to meet your production needs well into the future.

The L32 series features the ALL axis Simultaneous Cincom System M70 Control (Mitsubishi Meldas 70LPC) and boasts a user-friendly editing function which utilizes multi-line, multi-axes programming along with superimposed and synchronized control. In addition, one bar loader axis (A7) can make easy work of your toughest applications.

All three models handle both long and short workpieces with maximum efficiency by easily switching between guide bushing and non-guide bushing mode.

L32 VIII - A Seven Cutting Axes model (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2, C1, C2) with excellent cost performance.

L32 X - with Eight Cutting Axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, C1, C2) the type X offers a wide range of modular tooling making it both versatile and flexible enough to meet your production demands.

L32 XII - Stable, powerful and highly productive this high-end model includes nine Cutting Axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, C1, C2, B). Up to 40 tools can be mounted at any one time supported by a very high level of control features.

L32 VIII Seven Axes Turning Center

L32 XII Nine Axes Turning Center with Rotary B Axis


  • CINCOM SYSTEM M70LPC-VU (Mitsubishi)
  • 8.4 inch color LCD
  • USB slot
  • Program storage capacity: 80 m (approx. 32 KB)
  • Tool offset pairs : 80
  • Product counter indication (up to 8 digits)
  • Operating time display function
  • Machine operation information display
  • Multiple repetitive cycle for turning
  • B-axis control function (type XII)
  • Back spindle chasing function
  • Interference check function
  • Synch tapping phasing function
  • Spindle speed change detector
  • Constant surface speed control function
  • Automatic power-off function
  • On-machine program check function
  • Chamfering, corner R
  • Nose radius compensation
  • Eco indication
  • Variable lead thread cutting
  • Arc threading function
  • Geometric functions
  • Spindle synchronized function
  • Spindle C-axis function
  • Back spindle C-axis function
  • Milling interpolation
  • Canned cycle drilling
  • Rigid tapping function
  • High speed Rigid tapping function
  • Differential speed rotary tool function
  • Tool life management I
  • Tool life management II
  • External memory program driving
  • User macros
  • Helical interpolation function
  • Slant helical interpolation function
  • Hob function
  • Polygon function
  • Inch command
  • Sub inch command
  • Network I/O function

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