Note: For video the recording, we substituted brass so we colud run without cutting oil.

Part: Hydraulic Steering Valve

Material: 1.0” 12L14 (supplied by Banner)

Cycle Time: 1 min. 54 sec.

No. Of Tools Used: 12 (tooled with Kennametal KM quick change system)

Barfeed: Citizen C332

Notes: This part has heavy turning. We are cutting .3125" per side DOC. 

Using a built-in control function, we are using a blank carbide tool to probe a turned diameter using servo torque sensing and then auto adjusting the turning tools offset. This process is accurate to about +- .0005”.

Key Machine Features:

  • Very rigid design, "roller" linear guides.
  • Mitsubishi M70 control with Citizen's Streamline Control features
  • 1” drill sleeves / 6 turning tools / 4 front / 4 (8) back / 4 live
  • 45 mpm rapids (1771 ipm) which makes it the fastest Swiss in the World!
  • T700 is ER16 and is 2:1 gear reduced for heavier cuts requiring more torque.


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