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K16e-VII - IMTS was the U.S. debut of The K16e debuted in the U.S. at IMTS-2010. It is faster than its.predecessor and now includes back live tools at part of its standard equipment. It is also now equipped the the Mitsubishi M70 control (same as the A32 and the L20-IX) and it all comes at a new lower base price.

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307120 810124L20e-X  - The L20e-X began shipping in 2011. The gang slide tooling is the same as the L20e-IX so the primary difference is the Type X also has a Y axis on the sub-spindle side. This Y2 axis enables two (2) rows of front ID tools two (2) rows of backworking tools. You can choose from both versions, the Type IX and X, depending upon your tooling needs.

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307120 808652M32Y  - This demo features a special sub-spindle collet that can pick-off three (3) different parts. It has two diameters and also has slots down the inner length to accommodate clearance for the handles to enter the collet.


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307120 808777A20-VII - In this demo we ran a 12.75" long "throttle shaft". Normally, such a long part would result in an approximately 18" long bar remnant. However in this case, even though the bar end was out of the main spindle, we used the sub-spindle to drive the last part while it was still supported by the guide bushing. With this creative programming, we are getting a 2”-3” remnant.

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307120 810123A32-VII  - This part features heavy turning with a .3125" depth of cut per side.

Also, using a built-in control function, we used a blank carbide tool to probe and measure a turned diameter with servo torque sensing and then auto-adjusting the turning tools offset. This process is accurate to about +- .0005”.

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Swiss Turning Centers, offered in both turret and gang block tooling systems for the most complex jobs.


Unsurpassed service and support to get you and keep you running more efficiently, ahead of the competition.


Fixed headstock turning centers available to 2.6" capacity, with dual turrets and live tooling.

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The Citizen and Miyano product lines offer over 30 machine models and configurations, all providing high-performance CNC turning while eliminating most secondary operations.

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