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Note: For video the recording, we substituted brass so we colud run without cutting oil.

Part: Medical Device Piece Part

Material: 10mm 303 Stainless 

No. Of Tools Used: 21 (still more tool stations unused)

Barfeed: CAV 20E with approximately 8 min. channel change time

Coolant: Blaser Vascomill 10

Notes: The L20e-X compliments the L20e-IX. The gang slide tooling is the same as the L20e-IX. The primary difference is the Type X also has a Y axis on the sub-spindle side. This Y2 axis enables two (2) rows of front ID tools two (2) rows of backworking tools. 

For starters we can offer (6) front working ID and (8) backworking ID tools mounted. As we always utilize the modular concept there are optional live tools to enable cross milling/drilling from the T20’s or T30’s. With these tool holders we can pinch mill off the GB side or Pinch cross drill, and with superimposition we can cut different features simultaneously while superimposed.


Swiss Turning Centers, offered in both turret and gang block tooling systems for the most complex jobs.


Unsurpassed service and support to get you and keep you running more efficiently, ahead of the competition.


Fixed headstock turning centers available to 2.6" capacity, with dual turrets and live tooling.

L20e-X Demo

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In this small but complex medical part, we feature "pinch milling" and "pinch drilling".

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The Y axis on the sub-spindle side allows us to have two rows of front ID tools.

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Our Y axis sub-spindle also allows us to address two rows of back-working tools.