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Note: For video the recording, we substituted brass so we could run without cutting oil.

Part: Hydraulic Spool - 3.75" OAL

Material: 303 Stainless Cycle Time: 4 min. 27 sec.

Number Of Tools Used: 14 - tooled with NTK turning and Sandvik/Dormer Drilling

Barfeed Used: New CAV16E - 35 sec barload time. Its new quick change channel system permits an entire channel change in about 8-10 minutes.

Coolant: Blaser Vascomill 22

Note: The new K16e has a 90 deg. live tool (GSS1430) for back work. We're using it in the video to do slotting on the cut-off end.


Swiss Turning Centers, offered in both turret and gang block tooling systems for the most complex jobs.


Unsurpassed service and support to get you and keep you running more efficiently, ahead of the competition.


Fixed headstock turning centers available to 2.6" capacity, with dual turrets and live tooling.

K16e-VII Demo

305106 808662 1359389512

This is a demo version of a customers hydraulic spool in 303 stainless. It is drilled and reamed all the way through and has nine (9) milled slots and forty-eight (48) cross holes.

305106 808663 1359389512

Here we are slotting on the cut-off end with the new GSS1430 90 deg. live toolholder.