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Enshu - Lesser Known Control Features

Enshu Pallet-Changing Horizontal Machining Centers offer full stroke accuracy and repeatability through superior design and thermal stability. This in conjunction with standard FANUC control features not available on other milling machines enables Enshu GE Series Mills to achieve 5,000 Hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). Every component of an Enshu machine is engineered by Enshu to ensure year after year of reliable operation, even under the heaviest production machining settings.

With vast experience manufacturing all of Yamaha's engine blocks and a reputation as a staple within automotive manufacturing markets, gain a true competitive advantage with some control features unique to Enshu:

  • Manual Operation of the Automatic Pallet Changer: It can often be difficult to clean, maintain, and check clearances of fixtures on a pallet system. Through simple control features, operators can manually rotate each pallet without interrupting a program or cycle.
  • Tool Change Arm Recovery: How does Enshu achieve 5,000 Hours MTBF? When errors happen - like a tool change interruption - an operator can easily recover the Tool Change Arm manually or automatically in order to avoid downtime.
  • Butt-Type Zero Return Setting: Setting the Home position on mills can be a labor and time-intensive process, but

Enshu - Legendary HMC Up-Time

Enshu provides time-proven performance and reliability. Learn more here.


Swiss Turning Centers, offered in both turret and gang block tooling systems for the most complex jobs.


Unsurpassed service and support to get you and keep you running more efficiently, ahead of the competition.


Fixed headstock turning centers available to 2.6" capacity, with dual turrets and live tooling.

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What We Do Best

One and Done

We specialize in the sale and support of high-performance machinery that drops complete, finished parts from barstock. The elimination of secondary machining operations is our crusade.

Our flagship product line is Citizen, the world's premier builder of CNC Swiss type machines. Our partnership with Citizen dates back to 1992.

The Miyano lineup of fixed headstock turning centers is a big part of the Citizen brand, providing a broad range of bar and chucking solutions, most equipped with live tooling.

The machining of precision parts from barstock is our focus, our passion, our specialty... It's what we do best!